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Producing a painting in the midst of the natural environment the way Cézanne or Monet did; immersed in the light of Provence, in autumn, the season of the soul, surrounded by warm autumn colours. Beginners accepted.

A week-end staying at 'The house of the Potter' ( 2 days, 1 night) with activities, accommodation and all meals included for a cost of 240 €. Or a long week-end (4 days, 3 nights) spanning the 26th to 29th of October, costing 520 €.

Ghislaine Segal ( is an 'intuitive' artist with a very acute colourist sensitivity. Her artistic background was developed in both Brittany and Provence. In the later, where she now lives, she has been awarded numerous prizes and accolades during the last 15 years of her work. She now leads several workshops in the area and also supervises other artists in their artistic development.

Ghislaine offers her students the opportunity to discover for themselves the spontaneous techniques of the great masters who most influenced the Impressionist period.


A Week in Provence (English speaking):

A week of walking and storytelling with David and Pam Pott.

Activities, workshops and full-board: £500

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